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My trip to Costa Rica began with a flight to San Jose on Copa Airlines. After switching planes, I boarded a SANSA Airlines flight and was soon soaring over lush landscapes, with volcanoes poking through the clouds. La Fortuna greeted me with hanging bridges, a roaring waterfall, and the awe-inspiring Arenal Volcano.

Next, I flew to Monteverde, a mystical cloud forest where towering trees dripped with moss and exotic birds flitted through the dappled light. Finally, Manuel Antonio awaited a beach paradise where I explored the vibrant national park and relaxed on pristine shores. Costa Rica offered a whirlwind of adventure – from rainforests to volcanoes to beaches – leaving me with unforgettable memories and a yearning to return.

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San Jose

My recent trip from Panama City to San Jose, Costa Rica, on Copa Airlines was a time-efficient and comfortable experience. The Boeing 737-800 aircraft facilitated a swift 58-minute flight. Prior to boarding, I was able to check in via the airline’s app and secure a desirable aisle seat. The Copa Club provided a convenient space to relax and enjoy refreshments before the flight. 

While in-flight Wi-Fi was unavailable, the entertainment system offered a selection of movies and television programs for my entertainment. Upon arrival in San Jose, I efficiently navigated passport control and customs, with the process requiring a health insurance declaration with a QR code.

My recent experience with SANSA Airlines in Costa Rica was a great way to quickly get around the country for a reasonable price. The flights were all very affordable, ranging from $90 to $150 per flight. This was a great value, especially since a carry-on bag and 40 pounds of checked luggage were included in the ticket price. 

The Cessna 208B Grand Caravan airplanes used by SANSA were configured with plenty of legroom, making the flights comfortable despite not being large airplanes. The pilots were all helpful and made the flying experience positive. 

However, there were some inconveniences encountered during my travel experience. These inconveniences included unexpected fees at certain airports and a flight diversion to a different airport without prior notification. While I recommend SANSA Airlines for budget-conscious travelers seeking swift connections, I recommend researching the specific route and potential inconveniences, such as unexpected fees and potential flight diversions, before booking.

On my recent trip to Costa Rica, I flew SANSA Airlines three times. This video showcases the full flight experience from La Fortuna to San Jose in just five minutes, thanks to some time-lapse magic! The actual flight lasted a comfortable 40 minutes.

SANSA operates a fleet of Cessna 208 Caravans, known for their comfort. These single-propeller planes have a spacious cabin configured with 15 seats in a 1 x 2 layout. On this particular flight, I was one of only two passengers, making for a very personalized experience. There were just four of us on board total, including the two friendly pilots.

During a recent trip to Costa Rica, I had the opportunity to stay at the Hampton Inn – San Jose Airport. The hotel’s proximity to the airport and its complimentary 24-hour shuttle service were key factors in my decision-making process. Upon arrival, I was pleased to receive an upgrade to a king suite, which offered a spacious and comfortable environment for my stay. 

The hotel’s complimentary breakfast buffet satisfied my mornings with a variety of options, including scrambled eggs, fried eggs, plantains, slow-cooked beef, cereal, fruit, bread, pastries, coffee, orange juice, and filtered water. The location of the Hampton Inn proved to be advantageous, with several restaurants within walking distance. These included Denny’s, Rosti Pollos, and a cafe situated within Casino Fiesta Alajuela. 

La Fortuna/Arenal

On a recent trip to Costa Rica, I had the pleasure of staying at Miradas Arenal Hotel & Hot Springs. This resort offered a captivating blend of relaxation and adventure, nestled amidst the stunning scenery of the Arenal Volcano region.

My accommodations were well-suited for both productivity and leisure. The room I occupied was spacious and elegantly furnished, providing a tranquil environment to unwind after a busy day. For those seeking to extend their workday, a well-lit desk and reliable Wi-Fi ensured I could stay connected.

The highlight of my stay was undoubtedly the access to the hotel’s natural hot springs. After a day of exploration, soaking in the thermal pools surrounded by lush rainforest proved to be an incredibly rejuvenating experience. The property boasts multiple pools with varying temperatures, catering to individual preferences.

During my trip to La Fortuna, I embarked on an exhilarating tour of the areas’s top three attractions. This full-day adventure provided an unforgettable immersion into the region’s breathtaking natural beauty.

The journey began with a visit to the Arenal Hanging Bridges. Strolling across a series of suspended walkways nestled within the rainforest canopy offered a unique perspective of the lush flora and fauna below. This invigorating hike allowed me to appreciate the vibrant ecosystem from a new vantage point.

Following the bridge exploration, we ventured to the majestic La Fortuna Waterfall. The cascading water provided a stunning and photogenic backdrop. There was even an optional swim at the base of the falls, offering a refreshing opportunity to cool down after the invigorating hike.

The tour concluded with a visit to the Arenal Volcano National Park. Here, I witnessed the awe-inspiring power of nature firsthand, observing the volcanic landscape and learning about its geological significance from our knowledgeable guide. The park’s commitment to conservation practices ensured a responsible and enriching experience.

This tour proved to be a perfect choice for an adventurous explorer seeking an action-packed and eco-conscious exploration of Costa Rica’s natural wonders. The diverse activities, breathtaking sights, and focus on responsible tourism made it a truly unforgettable experience.

During my trip to Costa Rica, I took a Sansa Airlines flight from San Jose to La Fortuna with a brief stopover in Tortuguero. This was my first experience on a single-engine Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, and while the ascent from San Jose involved some turbulence, the flight smoothed out for a comfortable journey at cruising altitude.

On a recent Costa Rican adventure, I explored the Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges. The 2.5-hour rainforest hike included 16 bridges, offering stunning views (weather permitting) of the Arenal Volcano. The easy, flat path led past a botanical garden and culminated in breathtaking views from the canopy level. While numerous smaller bridges dotted the route, the six large hanging bridges provided a thrilling, albeit wobbly, perspective. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife – I spotted a hummingbird, butterfly, and even an adorable sloth during the first few minutes alone! This bridge experience was just one part of a full-day tour that also included a La Fortuna Waterfall swim and Arenal Volcano National Park hike.

At La Fortuna Waterfall in Costa Rica, a 500-step descent led to a refreshing dip in the cool pool beneath the cascading water. While the climb back was a challenge, the view was worth it. The strong current in the deeper areas necessitated caution, and I learned a valuable lesson after a brief underwater scare in the rapids. Despite my mishap, the friendly onlookers and shallow areas perfect for kids made it an exciting adventure. Admission cost $18.


For travelers seeking a scenic and comfortable journey from La Fortuna to Monteverde, the taxi-boat-taxi route offers a compelling alternative to traditional car travel. This mode of transportation boasts several advantages, including reduced risk of motion sickness and exposure to breathtaking natural beauty.

The journey typically commences with a convenient hotel pickup in La Fortuna via van. Passengers are then transported to the La Fortuna marina, where they embark on a picturesque boat ride across Lake Arenal, lasting approximately 45 minutes. Upon disembarkation, travelers are transferred to a waiting van for the final leg of their trip, concluding at their Monteverde hotel.

My exploration of Monteverde, Costa Rica, included a visit to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve. While the preserve boasts a captivating array of flora and fauna, navigating the trails can be challenging without a guide. To maximize your experience, consider hiring a guide to assist you in spotting the park’s abundant wildlife. On my guided tour, I was fortunate enough to observe a tarantula!

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Sky Adventures Monteverde offers exhilarating tours like the Sky Walk and Sky Tram. The Sky Walk features suspension bridges that provide unparalleled views above the rainforest canopy. The Sky Tram, on the other hand, is a cable car canopy tour that allows you to soar through the treetops. Be prepared for frequent rain showers, as is typical in cloud forest environments.

My trip to Monteverde, Costa Rica, wasn’t exactly what I expected! The whole time I was there, it rained, with extremely high winds. The guide said it was some kind of sub-tropical wave coming off the Caribbean.

But hey, the rain didn’t dampen my spirits! I spent two amazing days exploring the Cloud Forests anyway. This video is all about my adventure on Sky Walk Monteverde’s Cable Car. Once I reached the observation point, I climbed the tower to get a view that was absolutely incredible. The wind was insane though – the guide said it was blowing a steady 50 mph, with gusts even stronger! It felt like I was almost in a hurricane.

My Monteverde stay at Los Pinos Cabañas was a hidden gem! Tucked in the rainforest, my cozy cabin had a kitchenette for meals and a porch for wildlife watching (including monkeys!). While the weather wasn’t ideal and there’s no on-site restaurant, the nearby grocery store and delicious local eats made up for it. Despite a scorpion encounter (eek!), the comfy cabin and rainforest views made for a memorable stay.

Manuel Antonio/Quepos

I found the perfect spot to stay in Manuel Antonio – The Falls Resort! Honestly, I couldn’t believe it when I saw their nightly rate – only $110! Such a highly-rated hotel for that price? I booked it on the spot without even looking elsewhere.

The Falls Resort wasn’t like your typical hotel. Instead of a big building, they had these individual bungalows scattered around beautiful gardens. It felt like having my own private place, with all the bungalows spaced out for privacy. They even had a pool and a restaurant on-site, plus the location was fantastic. Manuel Antonio National Park was just a 30-minute walk away, or a quick 10-minute taxi ride. Though the resort wasn’t right on the beach, you could still catch a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean from across the street. Overall, The Falls Resort was an amazing find!

Manuel Antonio National Park was incredible! Rainforests, beaches, mangroves – it had it all! While I heard having a guide helps you spot more wildlife, I still had a fantastic time exploring the trails on my own. The beaches were perfect for relaxing, but be careful if you go swimming – the rip currents can be dangerous!

At Manuel Antonio National Park, near Quepos, Costa Rica, I witnessed an interesting behavior in sloths. Despite spending most of their time in the trees and only descending for bathroom breaks, I saw one climbing back up after its visit to the ground.