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My adventures across the Americas have been a mix vibrant cities, ancient wonders, and breathtaking landscapes. From the colorful streets of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico to the cascading beauty of Iguazu Falls on both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides, each destination offered something unique. 

I hiked through the lush rainforests of Costa Rica and El Yunque National Forest, marveled at the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal, and stood in awe of the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu bathed in the Andean sun. Exploring ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico and learning about the rich history of El Morro Fort in Puerto Rico brought the past alive. 

Whether it was running down dunes in the Atacama Desert or getting caught up in a protest in Santiago, Chile, each adventure was unforgettable and left me wanting to explore more.

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Argentina was a whirlwind adventure from start to finish! Buenos Aires had this captivating energy that grabbed me right away. I explored all the must-sees, like the Plaza de Mayo and Recoleta Cemetery. The grand Casa Rosada and Eva Perón’s resting place were incredible. La Boca stole my heart with its colorful houses and the lively tango scene. It felt like a glimpse into the true passion of Argentina. My hotel, the Europlaza, wasn’t exactly luxurious, but it was comfortable and a cool place to relax after a day of exploring.

The real showstopper of the trip, though, was Iguazu Falls on the Argentinian side. The power and beauty of the cascading water left me speechless. I conquered all three main trails – Upper Circuit, Lower Circuit, and Devil’s Throat Circuit. Each one offered a totally different, breathtaking view of the falls. From the iconic Salto San Martin to the delicate Salto Dos Hermanas, Iguazu Falls was an unforgettable spectacle. The scenic train ride through the park was a welcome break for my legs, and the whole day felt like an amazing exploration of nature’s raw power. Buenos Aires left me wanting more of its cultural charm, but Iguazu Falls absolutely blew me away. It was the perfect ending to an unforgettable adventure in Argentina!

My quick trip to Brazil was incredible! Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side blew me away. Having a guide was a lifesaver – they navigated the crowds, skipped lines, and even translated for me. The highlight? Getting super close to Devil’s Throat for an amazing view! The Brazilian side also had these incredible panoramic vistas of the falls.

After the falls, I went to Parque das Aves, a bird sanctuary near Foz do Iguaçu. It was mind-blowing! Like stepping right into a rainforest. Everywhere I looked, there were Scarlet Ibis, African Flamingos, Red-fan Parrots, and all sorts of other birds. It was amazing to see how dedicated the park is to bird conservation. Brazil crammed so much adventure into a short trip, and I left with memories that will last forever!

Canada has become a regular stop on my “Buzzin’ Around the World” adventures, and for good reason! The majestic mountains of Banff and Jasper National Parks take your breath away, and the power of Niagara Falls is unforgettable. But Canada’s charm goes beyond the scenery. I’ve explored vibrant cities like Vancouver with its modern feel and Toronto, a melting pot of cultures. It’s fascinating to see the blend of influences, from British echoes in Toronto’s architecture to the French character that fills Montreal’s streets. Get ready to come along as I share my favorite experiences in this beautiful country, from bustling cities to breathtaking landscapes!

My trip to Chile was jam-packed! I squeezed in 48 hours of Santiago, including iconic sights and a spontaneous protest. The Gran Torre Santiago’s observation deck view was unforgettable. In Valparaiso, I explored the colorful city and soaked up the sun on beautiful beaches. The Atacama Desert was the star – I ran down dunes, saw a massive flock of flamingos, and witnessed a breathtaking sunrise over the salt flats. Even a van breakdown on the Lagunas Altiplanicas tour couldn’t spoil this incredible adventure.

My Costa Rica trip was full of adventure! I started with a scenic flight to La Fortuna, where I explored hanging bridges, a powerful waterfall, and the impressive Arenal Volcano. Next, I took a boat to Monteverde, a magical cloud forest with towering mossy trees and vibrantly colored birds flitting through the dappled sunlight. Finally, I relaxed on pristine beaches and explored the vibrant national park in Manuel Antonio. From rainforests to volcanoes to beaches, Costa Rica left me with unforgettable memories and a huge desire to go back someday!

Mexico stole my heart! Sure, Cancun’s beaches were incredible, but my trips went way beyond turquoise water. In Tulum and Chichen Itza, I explored ancient Mayan ruins whispering stories of a lost civilization. Isla Mujeres offered a relaxing island escape, while Villahermosa’s colonial streets were a cultural feast. But Mexico isn’t just cities! Hiking Chichonal Volcano was an unforgettable adventure. The best part? Mexico has so much more to offer. From Oaxaca’s vibrant markets to the wild landscapes of Copper Canyon, my Mexico bucket list keeps growing longer. One thing’s for sure – I’ll be back for another adventure soon, ready to discover more of this amazing country’s hidden treasures.

Buckle up for my amazing Panama City adventure! My jaw dropped flying in, seeing both oceans and the Panama Canal at once. I explored from Ancon Hill’s panoramic views to a hidden US nuclear bunker. Though COVID impacted the Miraflores Locks, I witnessed the Pedro Miguel Locks in action. The former Canal Zone hinted at Panama’s past, and a captivating video ignited my wanderlust for Gatun Lake, Monkey Island, and more hidden gems, all within day trips! There’s even a monkey named Minion involved, but that’s a story for another time!

My Peruvian adventure took me on a journey through time! Cusco, the captivating Inca capital, became my gateway to exploring ancient wonders. Reaching the crown jewel, Machu Picchu, was an adventure itself, and walking amongst its ruins bathed in sunlight was unforgettable. Though road closures meant missing Rainbow Mountain, Palccoyo offered breathtaking colorful peaks while hiking with new friends (thanks, surprise storm!). Ollantaytambo impressed with its massive agricultural terraces, a unique perspective on Inca ingenuity. Finally, Pisac’s ruins unfolded high in the Andes, revealing the Inca’s agricultural skills and burial practices, all brought to life by our guide’s insights and topped off by phenomenal views.

Puerto Rico charmed me completely! I wandered the colorful streets of Old San Juan, snapping photos at every turn. The vibrant buildings were a feast for the eyes! El Morro Fort brought history alive with its stunning Caribbean Sea views and tales of Puerto Rico’s past. The real highlight though, was El Yunque National Forest. This lush, one-of-a-kind rainforest teemed with exotic plants and wildlife. The hike to Mina Falls was pure joy, ending with a refreshing dip in the cool pool beneath the cascading water.

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