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My trip to Chile was an action-packed adventure! In just 48 hours, I slammed through Santiago, taking in the main sights and even getting caught up in a protest! The highlight was definitely the Gran Torre Santiago. Seeing the entire city sprawl out from that observation deck was unforgettable.

Catching a bus to Valparaiso was easy, and the ride offered scenic views of vineyards and valleys. My affordable hotel near the train station served as my home base to explore the city’s colorful buildings and cobblestone streets. The climb up one of the hills was worth the effort for the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and Vina Del Mar.

 Speaking of Vina Del Mar, a quick train ride took me to its beautiful beaches. The cooler water was a surprise, but I enjoyed walking along the coast from Playa Acapulco to Playa El Sol. Bargaining for souvenirs was a challenge with my limited Spanish, but overall, it was a relaxing day trip.

The Atacama Desert was unreal! My tour of Death Valley included fascinating geological features and epic sandboarding down the dunes. Seeing a massive group of flamingos at the Chaxa Lagoon was another unforgettable experience. The sunrise sparkling off the vast salt flats was breathtaking.

Unfortunately, our Lagunas Altiplanicas tour didn’t go according to plan. The van breaking down was a major bummer, and it cut our time exploring the lakes short. On the bright side, I did manage to snag a fantastic picture of guanacos with the moon as a backdrop! Despite the van trouble, the Atacama Desert was an amazing adventure.

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Let me tell you, 48 hours in Santiago, Chile was an adventure! Spanish wasn’t exactly my strong suit, so navigating the city on arrival in the summer of 2016 was a bit of a challenge. Despite the language barrier, I managed to explore some of the city’s iconic sights. 

The Plaza de Armas, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Palacio de La Moneda were all impressive. The energy of the city was electric, and I even stumbled upon a protest for affordable public education. It was a whirlwind 48 hours, but I got a real taste of what Santiago has to offer!

The Gran Torre Santiago was definitely a highlight of my visit to Chile! This towering observation deck offered panoramic views of Santiago, allowing me to take in the entire city from above. I could see the bustling streets, the architectural variety, and even the majestic Andes Mountains in the distance. It was a fantastic way to get a bird’s-eye view of the city and get oriented after I arrived. Whether you’re a tourist or a local looking for a unique perspective, the Gran Torre Santiago is a must-see!

Valparaiso, and Vina Del Mar

I took a bus from Santiago to Valparaiso. It was a comfortable ride that took about two hours. The bus company I chose was Tur Bus, and they had many daily trips between the two cities. The ride was enjoyable, as we drove through vineyards and valleys.

When I arrived in Valparaiso, I took a taxi to my hotel, the Hotel Ibis, which was located near the Puerto Train Station. I chose this hotel because it was affordable and close to the train station. My hotel room was basic but comfortable, with a rainfall shower.

Since I was visiting in August, which is winter in Valparaiso, the weather was cool. The city is located on the coast of Chile, and has many hills. I decided to walk up one of the hills to take in the sights. There are funiculars that will take you up the hills for a cost, but I preferred to walk. As I climbed the hill, I enjoyed the colorful buildings and cobblestone streets. When I reached the top, I had a great view of the Pacific Ocean, Valparaiso Harbor, and the city of Vina Del Mar.

I took a day trip to Vina Del Mar, Chile. It is 10 kilometers from Valparaiso and easily accessible by train or taxi. The train ride was about 15 minutes and cost $3.50 each way. The train was clean and even had a musician playing guitar.

The first thing I did when I arrived was walk to the beautiful beaches. The sand was different from the Caribbean sand and the water was much colder. It was winter in the Southern Hemisphere so the temperatures were only in the mid-50s. 

I spent most of my time walking on the beach and looking at the Pacific Ocean. I walked from Playa Acapulco to Playa El Sol. There was an outdoor market with food and souvenirs along the way. I had a hard time bargaining because my Spanish is limited.

Overall, I enjoyed my day trip to Vina Del Mar. 

Atacama Desert

I visited San Pedro de Atacama, a gateway to the Atacama Desert. I flew from Santiago to Calama, which is the easiest way to get to San Pedro de Atacama.

The town itself is small but has many restaurants, shops, and tour agencies. Since the roads are not very good and there is no cell service, it is recommended to take a tour to see the sights of the Atacama Desert. There are many different tours available depending on what you are interested in and how much you are willing to spend.

I booked a tour of the Atacama Desert’s Valle de la Muerte. Our guide pointed out interesting geological features as we explored this driest place on earth. We saw amazing rock formations in Death Valley, and I would recommend wearing comfortable shoes because there was a lot of walking and even some sandboarding down the dunes! It felt like I was exploring Mars! 

I visited the Atacama Desert on a two-day tour. On the second day, I went to see the flamingos of the Chaxa Lagoon, which is part of the Salar de Atacama Salt Flat. Our tour guide led us on a path through the salt flats to get a close look at the flamingos. There were a bunch of them together, in a group called a flamboyance. The area around the lagoon was amazing. The sun was rising, and it made the salt flats sparkle. I even licked the salt to see if it was real! 

Our guide told us that there’s lithium under the salt flat, and the Chilean government might close the park to mine it. The drive to the lagoon took over an hour each way, and after spending about an hour exploring, we headed to another part of the Atacama Desert. Overall, it was an incredible experience!

I booked a tour of the Atacama Desert’s Valle de la Muerte. Our guide pointed out interesting geological features as we explored this driest place on earth. We saw amazing rock formations in Death Valley, and I would recommend wearing comfortable shoes because there was a lot of walking and even some sandboarding down the dunes! It felt like I was exploring Mars!

I stayed at Hotel Corvatsch in San Pedro de Atacama. It was a good value for the price. The weather was cold in the winter, and the hotel heater only ran at night. The room included a toilet, but I had to throw the toilet paper in the trash, which was a little strange. Overall, the hotel was a good value for the price.

I had many delicious meals during my visit to Chile. This page will highlight all of them.