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Austria unfolded its magic in unexpected ways. I focused most of my trip to Austria on the city of Salzburg, the home of Mozart. Despite cloudy skies, I began my exploration at the scenic Makartsteg Bridge, enjoying a breathtaking introduction to the city. Following the Salzach River, I wandered through Old Town, marveling at the majestic Salzburg Cathedral and the imposing Hohensalzburg Fortress. The clouds even parted dramatically, allowing me to soak in panoramic views during my exploration of the fortress.

Time constraints meant skipping museums, but I reveled in getting lost in the charming, colorful streets. The aroma of fresh pastries and the watchful gaze of the Old Town Hall Clock Tower added to the experience.

Salzburg’s wonders extended beyond its historic core. A separate visit allowed me to explore the mighty Hohensalzburg Fortress, a medieval giant that served as the Archbishop’s residence. Taking the funicular for the ascent, I spent hours delving into the fortress’s history, including the opulent Golden Hall and the fascinating Salzburg Bull, a musical instrument once programmed to chime at dawn and dusk.

The city’s festive spirit was seen through its Christmas Markets. The vibrant atmosphere, overflowing with decorations and delectable treats, along with the aroma of roasted chestnuts and carols, was truly captivating.

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I explored Old Town Salzburg on a cloudy day. I skipped the guide and started at the Makartsteg Bridge (Love Lock Bridge) for amazing views. Following the Salzach River, I wandered to the Salzburg Cathedral and then Hohensalzburg Fortress. As the clouds cleared, I spent hours exploring the Fortress.

Later, I squeezed in the golden Salzburg Sphaera and browsed the area around the Cathedral. Since time was tight, I skipped the museums but enjoyed getting lost in the charming, colorful streets. The Old Town Hall Clock Tower stood out, and I crossed the Salzach River for a final look at the beautiful Old Town from the Mozart Bridge.

I visited the Salzburg Castle, also known as Fortress Hohensalzburg. It is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe. I learned that the fortress served as the residence for the Archbishop. The easiest way to get to the fortress is to walk through Old Town Salzburg to the funicular station. There is a fee to ride the funicular, but it is recommended. Alternatively, you can walk up the ramp. 

Once inside the fortress, there are many interesting things to see including the Golden Hall, the Golden Chamber, and the Salzburg Bull. The Salzburg Bull is a musical instrument that played music at 4 am and 7 pm. Visitors can even play the Salzburg Bull by turning the crank.

Salzburg’s Christmas Markets were a feast for the senses! The air buzzed with festive cheer as I strolled past stalls overflowing with sparkly decorations, handcrafted nutcrackers, and mountains of glistening chocolates. The scent of roasted chestnuts and cider hung heavy in the air, and carols filled the crisp December air.

While the colorful ornaments and whimsical nutcrackers were tempting, I ended up simply soaking in the atmosphere.