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About My Trip to Andorra

I spent two days in Andorra, a tiny country between Spain and France. It is the 16th smallest country in the world by land and 11th smallest by population.

The largest city in Andorra is Andorra La Vella, which is also the capital. Andorra La Vella is where I spent most of my time during my visit to Andorra.

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I spent most of my time in the capital city of Andorra La Vella. In Andorra La Vella, I walked the streets and took in the sights such as the famous bridge and clock statue, La Noblesse du Temps, created by Salvador Dali. Another interesting building is the Caldea Thermal Spa, which looks like a giant church. This area is a tax haven and known for shopping. The main attraction for most tourists visiting Andorra is shopping because of the low Value Added Tax (Sales Tax) on goods.

During my visit, I also tried to hike up the Pyrenees Mountains, but there were thunderstorms so I had to turn back. On my way back, I enjoyed a meal at a restaurant where I could cook my own steak on a little cast iron grill.

Overall, I enjoyed my two days in Andorra and found it to be a unique destination. It can be easily seen in two days.

I went shopping in Andorra la Vella, a tax haven for visitors from Spain and France. The main shopping area is a pedestrian-only section of Avenue Meritxell. There are stores selling all sorts of things, from watches and sunglasses to jewelry, electronics, handbags, luggage, clothing, and perfume. There are even pharmacies and a store selling unique, high-end, expensive gifts. There are even duty-free stores, though the VAT tax is low at only 4.5%.

Some popular stores include Cartier, Julia Perfumeria, Gala Perfumeries, Mediatec, K-Tuin Electronics, Lottusse, Roca & Ribes, G Star Raw, Escales Paris, Intimissimi, and Quars Accessory Shop.