Located above the Arctic Circle, Tromsø, Norway, is an Arctic Paradise. Visitors flock to this northern city for a chance to see the Northern Lights, tour the Fjords, and experience the indigenous culture. Below are my ten favorite photos from my trip to Tromsø. I was in Tromsø for three full days and spent most of my time unsuccessfully chasing the Northern Lights, touring the Fjords, and exploring the city. I hope you enjoy “Buzzin’ Around Tromsø in 10 Photos.”

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Photo #1 - Tromsø from the Mountain Ledge Storsteinen

Tromsø from the Fjellheisen Cable Car Observation Deck
The View from the Mountain Ledge Storsteinen

A great place to start a Tromsø vacation is to take the Fjellheisen Cable Car to the ledge of the mountain Storsteinen.  The panoramic view is spectacular and allows visitors to see the entire Tromsø area.  This picture was taken after walking a few hundred yards away from the observation platform.  To learn more about the Fjellheisen Cable Car and the spectacular views, click HERE.

Photo #2 - A Shoreline Photo of One of Tromsø'a Fjords

The Shore of One of Tromsø'a Fjords

The fjords of Tromsø can be seen by either a land-based or water-based tour.  I took a land-based tour enjoyed walking the shores of the various fjords.  This picture was taken following a fresh snowfall.  To learn more about touring Tromsø’s fjords, click HERE.

Photo #3 - A Male Reindeer

Male Reindeer Near the Fjords of Tromsø, Norway
A Reindeer Photographed During my Fjord Tour

During my fjord tour, our tour guide stopped the van so we could photograph this spectacular reindeer.  Our guide explained that these reindeer are not wild and belong to the Sami People.  I photographed this reindeer from a distance with my zoom lens.

Photo #4 - Walking Across the Tromsø Bridge

Walking Across the Tromsø Bridge
Walking Across the Tromsø Bridge

To get to the Arctic Cathedral and the Fjellheisen Cable Car, tourists must cross the Tromsø Bridge.  I highly recommend crossing the bridge on foot to get spectacular views of the Tromsø Harbor, Arctic Cathedral, and coastline.  I took this picture half-way across the bridge.  To learn more about crossing the Tromsø Bridge, click HERE.

Photo #5 - The Northern Lights

Northern Lights
The Northern Lights Seen from Tromsø, Norway

Many people travel to Tromsø in hopes of seeing the Northern Lights. During my visit, I tried to see the auroras both on my own and on an official Northern Lights chase. This photo was taken during my self-chase. At the time, I didn’t know a lot about my camera settings, and the picture was slightly blurry. To learn more about the Northern Lights in Tromsø, click HERE.

Photo #6 - The Arctic Cathedral

The Arctic Cathedral from Mount Fløya via the Fjellheisen Cable Car - Tromsø, Norway
The Arctic Cathedral

The Arctic Cathedral is the most recognized building in Tromsø.  This picture was taken with my zoom lens from the Mountain Ledge Storsteinen.  To learn more about the Arctic Cathedral, click HERE.

Photo #7 - Wading In the Fjords

Shores of Ersfjorden - A Fjord Near Tromsø, Norway
Walking Out into the Fjord

After my fjord tour, I can officially say that I waded into the water above the Arctic Circle. The water was freezing cold, but it definitely crossed an item off my bucket list. I took this picture with my feet slightly submerged in the cold water.

Photo #8 - Trolls of Storgata Street

Tromsø Trolls
Watch Out for Trolls

When visiting Tromsø, be sure to spend some time visiting the shops on Storgata Street. I met these two Norwegian Trolls during some downtime in between tours. To learn more about Storgata Street, click HERE.

Photo #9 - The Observation Platform of the Fjellheisen Cable Car

Fjellheisen Cable Car Observation Area
A View of the Observation Platform Overlooking Tromsø

The observation deck at the top of the Fjellheisen Cable Car provides one of the best photo opportunities in all of Tromsø.  This photo was taken to show the viewing platform more than the view.

Photo #10 - The Colorful Buildings Near Tromsø Harbour

Tromsø Harbour
The Colorful Buildings Near Tromsø Harbour

In Tromsø, the winter features 24 hours of darkness.  Throughout the city, there are colorful buildings.  This picture shows three colorful buildings located in Tromsø Harbor.  To learn more about Tromsø Harbor, click HERE.