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5 Natural Wonders Worth Visiting

5 Different Continents, 5 Natural Wonders

As I look back on four years of traveling, 32 countries, and five continents, I asked myself, “What are the most beautiful places that I have visited?” As I made my list, many of them were in the same general area. For example, I could easily rank three or four locations in the Atacama Desert in my top five natural wonders worth visiting. The same could be done with IcelandNew Zealand, and the US State of Hawaii. I decided that this post would contain five natural wonders from five different continents. Besides, I would also try to feature beautiful places that might be lesser-known. Below, are my five favorite places from Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and North America.

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Europe - Plitvice Lakes National Park

Located in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park can be easily reached from either Zagreb or Split by bus. I chose to take a day trip from Zagreb in the winter of 2018. Following the 2 hour, 25-minute bus ride, I entered the park and spent hours walking the trails and taking in the sights of the 16 lakes and 90 waterfalls. Despite getting caught in a snowstorm, I was able to enjoy the emerald green colored waters.  

There are eight different trails throughout the park that provide up-close views of the stunning waterfalls. Be sure to take your time and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are also boats available to take visitors across the big lake. To learn more about Plitvice Lakes National Park, click on the picture or HERE.

Asia - Taroko Gorge National Park

Taroko Gorge National Park is a three-hour train ride away from the Taiwanese capital of Taipei. Once in the park, visitors have the option of hiking or riding the public busses to various viewing points. When visiting, be sure to walk to Swallow Grotto Trail and visit the Eternal Springs Shrine. The shrine honors the lives of the workers who died constructing the road that goes through the park.

If you are lucky, you might get to see some Taiwanese Macaques. These Taiwanese monkeys can be found in the trees throughout the park. For more information on Taroko Gorge National Park, click on the picture or HERE.

Australia - Uluru/Kata Tjuta National Park

Uluru/Kata Tjuta National Park is located in the center of the Northern Territory of Australia. While it is possible to stay in the town of Uluru, many visitors make the day trip from the larger town of Alice Springs. Formally known as Ayers Rock, Uluru is the largest rock in the world.  

In addition to Uluru, the national park also includes the dome rock formation Kata Tjuta. The Walpu Gorge hike through Kata Tjuta was spectacular as the entire area was filled with red rock formations. Also, be sure to visit the Aboriginal Culture Center. A perfect way to end the day is by watching the sunset and change the colors of Uluru from bright red to dark purple. For more information on Uluru/Kata Tjuta National Park, click on the picture or HERE.

South America - Iguacu Falls National Park

Located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, Iguacu Falls is one of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World.” When visiting Iguacu Falls, it is absolutely necessary to see the falls from both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides. The Argentinian side features three different paths that provide up-close views of the waterfalls. The Brazilian side only has one path that provides a panoramic view of the falls. 

When visiting the Brazilian side, be sure to stop at the Parque Das Aves (bird sanctuary) on the way. Both sides of the national park also feature boat tours where visitors can get up-close and even under the waterfalls. For more information on the Argentinian Side, click on the picture or HERE. For the Brazilian side, click HERE.

North America - Grand Tetons National Park

One of my favorite places to visit in the United States is Grand Tetons National Park. My little brother and his family live in Idaho, and every time I visit them we take a trip to the Tetons. Grand Teton National Park offers spectacular hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, and night sky photography. The trails are also extremely friendly for children.

When I created this page, I was trying to think of what to feature for North America. It came down to the Tetons or El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico. I chose the Tetons as it has something to offer for everyone. To learn more about the Grand Tetons, click on the picture or HERE.