Bad Weather and Flying

What to do if Bad Weather Threatens Your Flight?

We’ve all been there. You are set to fly, and all of the sudden, there is a severe weather alert for the date of your flight. To compound things, you also have a tight connection. So is there anything you can do if bad weather threatens your flight?

There definitely are options for those who have a flight that may be affected by a storm. As soon as you know there is a severe storm likely on the day of your flight, you should first contact the airline. Your airline wants you to get to your destination on time; and without any issues, so they may have a contingency plan already in place based on your departure city or destination.
This brief blog post will explain how I was able to save two trips by changing my departure date to avoid severe weather and winter storms.


Priority Check In - American Airlines - Cancun International Airport
Contact the Airline as Soon as a Severe Weather Alert is Posted

Bad Weather and Flying - How to Plan Ahead to Avoid Bad Weather Flights - Table of Contents

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Bad Weather - How to Change Your Flight

There are multiple options for changing your flight if the forecast calls for bad weather. First, contact the airline to see if they have any contingency plans already available. If they do not, there still may be options to change your departure to beat the storm.
Next, ask if they are willing to make an exception. Be persistent and give them a specific flight you want to take instead. If that flight isn’t crowded, the agent might decide to make the switch for free.

If the airline isn’t budging, ask if you can pay to change your flight. Since COVID-19, most airlines no longer charge change fees. Sometimes, the cost to change your flight is only a few dollars more. Remember, all you are paying is the fare difference. Wouldn’t it be worth paying an extra $20 if you can be sure you won’t get stranded due to a winter storm?

I recommend contacting the airline through Facebook or Twitter. In my experience, phone agents are much less likely to assist than social media agents.

Norwegian Airlines 737-800 at Tromsø Airport

My Experience Changing My Flight Due to Bad Weather

I have had two great successes changing my flight to depart ahead of winter storms. The first success was on a flight from Minneapolis to Cancun on Delta Airlines. Two days before my departure date, the National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Warning. The Twin Cities Metro Area was supposed to get 12 to 15 inches of snow.

I contacted Delta on Facebook Messenger through my Buzzin’ Around the World Facebook Account. My initial message explained that I was flying to Cancun the day of the blizzard and was hoping there was an option to depart the night before. I gave the agent a specific flight that I wanted to change to and mentioned that it seemed that there were many seats available.

The agent was able to change my flight and actually gave me a partial refund, as the new flight was $80 cheaper than the original flight. I made it to Cancun a day early, thanks to the friendly Delta Agent. The next day, I checked my original flight and realized it had been canceled. Had I not messaged Delta, I would have likely had my vacation cut short due to the winter storm.
My second success story was an even greater success. I had spent months planning the perfect trip to Africa, but it all depended on making a tight connection. I would be flying from Minneapolis to Washington Reagan and then transferring to Washington Dulles. With only six hours to change airports, the transfer time was tight.

About a week before my departure, the National Weather Service was predicting a massive ice storm. Knowing this could ruin my entire trip, I contacted American Airlines from my Buzzin’ Around the World Twitter Account. An extremely helpful agent was able to switch my flight from Minneapolis to Washington Reagan so it would depart two days earlier. Thankfully, he was able to keep my connection the same.

Instead of having to try to get to Washington DC during an ice storm, I was able to depart two days earlier and relax in Washington DC while the ice storm hit the Twin Cities.

Both of these are prime examples of how I was able to change my flights, at no cost, by simply contacting the airlines as soon as a weather advisory was posted.

Krystal Grand Cancun Balcony View
Thanks to a helpful Delta Agent, I made it to Cancun
American Airlines 787-8
American Airlines has always been helpful with changing flights

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